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Hidden sewer lines throughout the Chicago suburbs remove your home's waste water quickly and effortlessly…when they work properly. Once a home has sewer problems, the odds of having other problems in the future increase greatly. Addison Plumber offers a complete range of sewer solutions for every home and business. From video inspections to sewer rodding to complete sewer replacement, we help customers get back to normal and eliminate future sewer problems.

If your sewer system has backed up at more than once in a single year, you should seriously consider some form of treatment. There are several options available, from preventative rodding to complete sewer line replacement.


Sewer rodding is definitely required when your entire home or building is backed up. Homes in the Chicago suburbs can be susceptible to sewer backups, no matter how new or "fancy" they may be. We have seen newer homes in the West and Southwest suburbs of Chicago have severe sewer blockages from simple construction debris that was never cleaned properly. There are many culprits for a blocked sewer line, and Addison Plumber has seen them and cleared them all. Old rags, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, children's toys, prophylactics – any of these clumped together can cause havoc to a sewer line.

In older suburban homes with frail sewer systems, trees roots are the biggest threat, not just in the Chicago area but anywhere in the U.S. Sewer shear is another issue, where the pipe is completely cut in half as a result of settling foundations and faulty construction. This is perhaps the quickest and most destructive way a sewer line can be blocked, and the only remedy for it is to replace the sewer completely.

To restore proper plumbing, sewer lines need to be cleared and cleaned by a professional plumber the experience and equipment needed to handle the task at hand. Heavy sewer rodding machines, coupled with video inspections, provide the only way to fix the problem and insure it doesn't come back. Addison Plumber uses high gauge cable and cutting heads to completely clear out to the city sewer line, usually well over 100 feet. If the clog is not cleared all the way to the city sewer, a larger problem can occur. Even if you are not experiencing sewer complications, preventative sewer maintenance can greatly decrease potentially large sewer issues in the future

Addison Plumber offers a complete range of sewer cleaning options for clients in the Chicago suburbs. Call us today and speak with a licensed plumber about your issue.

Our Drain cleaning technicians are equipped with the most sophisticated equipment available, like Color Drain Vision. This is a tiny camera that enables technicians to provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the conditions of your underground piping. Drain Vision can also locate broken or cracked piping, saving you hundreds of dollars in excavation and digging costs.

See why Addison Plumber is the leading drain rotting, clearing and cleaning company in the Chicago suburbs. We are one of the few that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you will always feel welcome with our staff. Call us today and experience our dedication to excellence and quality.