Sewer Line Replacement Services in Chicago and Its Suburbs

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Because of its difficulty and expense, replacing sewer lines is the last alternative to restoring a building plumbing. Sewer replacement involves completely digging up and gaining access to the broken or damaged sewer line, and in some cases, digging out a completely new path to the main sewer. This occurs if the previous path is hampered by excessive tree roots or other debris, which will eventually harm the new sewer as well. In any case, this is something that needs to be completed correctly in order to get life back to normal.

Advanced technologies in sewer lines have made pipes much less prone to leaking and cracking. These pipes are now much more flexible when it comes to settling problems. New trenchless sewer lines are also an option for certain types of plumbing problems, especially in Chicago suburban neighborhoods where digging is extremely tight and difficult. The cost and quality of sewer line replacement is still one of the biggest concerns in the Chicago suburbs. Selecting the right plumbing professional to fix or replace the entire sewer line is even more important than that. Remember, do it right the first time, and the somewhat large expense will seem small when you never have to worry about it again.


At what point should you choose to replace the sewer line?

Replacing your entire sewer-line can be a big expense, but in many cases, it must be done and done quickly. Remember, sewer gases are toxic and can cause explosions. Slow drains are sometimes easy to fix, but complete blockages can quickly lead to much greater problems, especially as winter in the cold Chicago climate draws near. If you live in an older suburban community and everything else in your home is in working order, a complete sewer replacement is absolutely warranted.

Remember that sewer water and gases have to go somewhere – either back into your home or in the ground. Backed up sewage underground can affect trees, shrubs, gardens and even drinking water. It is best to avoid these larger problems all together and immediately replace and restore your home’s plumbing with new sewer lines.

Addison Plumber – Leading the Way in Sewer Line Replacement in the suburbs of Chicago

Local, professional and experienced. Call us today to discuss your pluming concerns. We'll come out, assess the situation, and recommend a course of action. Whenever possible, we avoid expensive digging and inspect with video equipment to see exactly what is occurring and how to fix it. We don't guess. We solve.

Chicago Sewer Video Inspection


Sewer inspections using quality video equipment can save both time and save money when trying to identify sewer problems. Our investment in the latest video inspection equipment lets Addison Plumber locate the exact problem at hand and get a high resolution video to see everything surrounding it. The measurement accessories allow us to determine exactly where to dig, eliminating any guesswork and unnecessary damage.

Using this information, we can accurately measure the extent point or points of the damaged pipe, as well as the precise length and depth to dig and any obstacles in the way. This gives our clients a precise cost estimate before any work begins

Addison Plumber offers video inspection services to all residential and commercial clients in and around the Chicago area.

Sewer Line Installation Equipment used in Chicago

sewer install equipment

The professional plumbing experts at Addison Plumber use the latest equipment on the market to ensure that customers get the best care possible. We use systems like Color Drain Vision and video inspection to fully analyze an area before we do work on it. Our Chicago plumbers are required to go through education courses every few years to renew their certifications and learn about new equipment they will have to use. We invest thousands of dollars a year into these products, just to fulfill our commitment to our clients.

With Addison Plumber, you never have to worry about antiquated tools that barely get the job done. We have everything we need to properly take care of you.

The experts in replacing old Chicago Sewers

The sewer replacement experts

Sewer line replacement can cost more money than simple piping repair, but sometimes, it has to be done. With over 20 years of experience, our Chicago suburb plumbers have handled hundreds of replacement projects over the years. We know how much work goes into this and how important it is to do the job right. That is why all of our work is backed by a 100% guarantee.

We use the latest equipment to analyze the problem ahead of time to determine how much piping needs to be replaced, allowing us to quote you a fair and accurate price from the start.

Sometimes Trechless Sewer Replacement is your best option.

The Trenchless Sewer Option

Trenchless sewers create minimal damage in a yard during repair or replacement work. Rather than digging a huge hole to access the pipes, our plumbers in the Chicago suburbs can run a special pipe through the existing line, eliminating the need for additional mess. Not only does this save time and cleanup costs, but it also minimizes the damage done to your landscaping. For all your trenchless sewer needs, you can count on us.